Every business decision is unique. Get the tools to decide for yourself.

EXELEXA is a Greek word meaning "I have decided." Principal consultant Neil Carlson has a Ph.D in political science and over twelve years of experience solving unique problems with a combination of computer technology and moral wisdom. An expert tutor and learning mentor, I can build you new solutions and teach you to use, understand, modify and extend them. I can help you:

  1. Understand your decision context:  apply social science research design to your situation and get results. Big firms like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft run business experiments every day to find out what works. Why shouldn't you?
  2. Exploit Microsoft Office:  use software you already have to solve complex business problems. Do you leverage the following features of Office?

    • Word styles - redesign your documents instantly without surprises.
    • Word cross-references - help your readers find information fast, and let Word do the work.
    • Excel formulas - automate almost anything in a few minutes
    • Excel Pivot Tables - get easy answers to hard questions in a hurry
    • Access queries - the ultimate power tool. If you have data, queries are your best friend.

  3. Plan your project:  use Microsoft Project to structure, schedule, budget and track progress on your work; use QuickBase to share and track the plan with others.
  4. Collect good data:  get information fast through surveys, custom databases and efficient harvesting of existing data sources.
  5. Perform statistical analysis:  do you know the shape of the relationship between effort and output in your organization? What factors affect that relationship? Which lever should you pull to get the most additional output for the same effort?
  6. Map your business:  location always matters. Put your data on a map and find out how.
  7. Design information graphics:  a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a good graphic with a hundred carefully-chosen words of interpretive text can be worth a thousand pictures or a million words.
  8. Web application programming:  put your data on the web for your team, your customers, or the public.
  9. Count your profits:  integrate expenses accounting, time tracking and automated billing with your everyday workflow.
Put technology to work. Contact us today, neil@exelexa.com.